Community Engagement in Collective Impact E-Course

Community Engagement in Collective Impact E-Course

“The course has pushed me to think differently. I’m much more conscious of my assumptions and more eager to find and lift up local examples of deeper engagement, especially with families and students.”

-Jonathan Feinstein, Director of Community Engagement, Commit! Partnership

Because of the e-course, we are adding a new committee made up of downtown residents so we can keep their unique perspective and needs at the forefront of our work.

-Gretchen Moore, Vice President, Downtown Fresno Partnership

We are developing the infrastructure to support agencies to adopt a collective impact approach to preventing family violence in New Zealand. The e-course has been hugely relevant and helpful in providing tools and resources to meet challenges feeling prepared and equipped.

-Deb Humphries, Familiy Violence Prevention Coordinator, Auckland North Community and Development



This free e-course will help collective impact initiatives better address an important concern and challenge: how and where can the community fit in?
Living Cities constructed this e-course to share tools for including community members with those involved in collective impact initiatives.
We walk participants through five modules, designed to help collective impact initiatives better understand how to work with community members. Each module includes resources, discussion questions and interactive exercises. While individuals can take the course, we recommend that participants do so in a group with other members of their collective impact initiative.

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