Racial Equity Impact Assessment

Racial Equity Impact Assessment

“Living Cities uses this tool to keep racial equity front and center in our work. You can’t do so without confronting difficult truths. This tool provides a productive way to have a discussion about race while remaining focused on the work at hand. I highly recommend using or adapting the questions – you will be surprised at what you surface that can make your efforts more effective and meaningful.”

-Nadia Owusu, Assistant Director Strategic Communications & Storytelling, Living Cities


Living Cities suggests starting with these five questions to drive your analysis when considering racial equity:

  1. Are all racial/ethnic groups who are affected by the policy/practice/decision at the table?
  2. How will the proposed policy/practice/decision affect each group?
  3. How will the proposed policy/practice/decision be perceived by each group?
  4. Does the policy/practice/decision worsen or ignore existing disparities?
  5. Based on the above responses, what revisions are needed in the policy/practice/decision under discussion?

And, the full tool can help you dig deeper.

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