“We’re seeing a growing trend in impact investing, especially among millennials, as people are interested in investing in issues and places that they care about. But it’s hard for the average person to invest for impact. Vested is a great tool to unlock a growing source of capital and help it land in places with actual impact.”

-Ellen Ward, Senior Investment Associate, Living Cities

VIEW THE TOOL is an online platform where you can invest in the causes and places that matter to you, starting at the $20 level.

How Vested Works:

  • Small investments, of $20 or more, are pooled to fund communities around the world.
  • Vested’s partners – community development organizations – identify local opportunities to invest the funds for financial returns and community benefit.
  • Money is loaned to small businesses and entrepreneurs to expand access to housing and services communities need to flourish.
  • Investors – like you – share in returns, financially and socially, as businesses grow and thrive.
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